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Public Announcements

2011 Legislation Update

Taxes continue as the number one complaint in our district. I introduced HB 25 UNM Hospital Health Care Surtax, which addresses the unfair amount tax paid by Bernalillo County for indigent health care.  This makes up over 20% of our property tax bill. In 2014 according to the Federal Affordable Care Act all persons must have health insurance thus eliminating the need for State/County indigent health care monies. It has been projected our Medicaid enrollment will increase by 40%. The Federal government will pay 100% of this increased cost until 2020. It is a complicated issue and I have a handout on this subject and the NAACA has agreed to put this on their website. HB 25 was tabled in Health and Government Affairs with the discussion centering around “the voters voted for it”. Thus, I introduced HB 333 to cause this issue to return to Bernalillo County voters at the next general election (2012). This was tabled in Health and Government.  The Association of Counties and UNM Hospital all agree Bernalillo County is paying unequitable amount of the taxes collected to fund the indigent health care. UNM Hospital is unwilling to work on this issue as they receive about $90 million per year from Bernalillo County.

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